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Do You Know What's in Your Food?

Let Rapha Cultivation LLC help your group, family or yourself. Navigate ingredients to reach your health goals. Not only by understaing whats in the ingredients but what it means for your health. Our foundational proverb comes from John 8:32 "And Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free"

About Me

I hail from Philly, where I developed a passion and curiosity for how food affects the body. A major health incident in my youth left me seeking knowledge. This knowledge became more vital later when my husband was diagnosed with cancer.My spiritual beliefs, centered on the commandment to love as yourself, fuel my fondness for community. I pour love into each person as I coach them through a transformation in how they look at food and product ingredients.With over a decade of knowledge from my extensive research, I've utilized this alongside remission protocols for cancer. Additionally, I hold a certification as a holistic Health Practitioner and a Diploma in Nutrition Therapeutics and Health.

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Mission Statement:
To educate and empower individuals to continually scrutinize and re-examine ingredients in food and products used daily. Ensuring a positive impact on the body; Through coaching, Identifying the most holistic options for vitality and wellness.

Virtual Coaching

A coach will go over the product ingredients of your choice with you. This requires some prerequisite information including pictures of item and ingredient list.

1- hour $75

Supermarket Coaching

A coach will accompany you on a Supermarket trip and coach you through your food and product choices to ensure you can identify best options. A coach will introduce brand recognition and in person coaching aid of best, acceptable and never food and product buying system.

1.5 hour limit $150

Home Coaching

A coach will visit your home and go through your cabinets, fridge/freezer and pantry to identify best,acceptable and never buy food products in your home. A coach will prepare you for your next Supermarket trip.

1.5 hour limit $150

Food and Product

A coach will offer a 4-day class centered around food, products and ingredients.

$10 per person per day for Virtual

$20 per person per day for in person

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Request Presentation

Our Food and Product ingredient introduction presentation is 100% free. Please complete the form below to Request a presentation. Please give a 7 day turnaround for response.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Agreement

No refunds, only exchanges. Rapha Cultivation LLC offers coaching services and makes no explicit promises regarding results.

Cancellation Policy for Rapha Cultivation Services


Your purchase of coaching packages or sessions signifies your commitment to engage in the process and see it through to its conclusion. However, we understand that unexpected events may occur. In addition to the general guidelines outlined below, requests for refunds and cancellations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of Rapha Cultivation LLC. We ask that clients be committed and faithful to the coaching process, and in turn, we pledge to provide professional, high-quality coaching services.

General Guidelines for Coaching Refunds and Cancellations:

  • Once coaching sessions are scheduled by Rapha Cultivation LLC, they are considered firm appointments. If necessary, clients may reschedule a session by providing at least 24 hours' advance notice.
  • Sessions missed without at least 24 hours' advance notice will be considered forfeited.
  • If unforeseen circumstances prevent a client from attending all their scheduled coaching sessions, the client may request to reschedule any remaining sessions. If approved, these sessions will be rescheduled accordingly.